Classes for Fall

In order to get everyone back in the rhythm of back to school/back to work and as normal as we can be at this point, regular classes for XL-Yoga will be starting up at the end of September. There will be both in person classes (Tuesdays and Thursdays) and online through Zoom (Sundays, Mondays and Fridays).
It's been an unusual summer for me with health issues and an irregular schedule for work and it's been an irregular for all of you adapting and adjusting in this time of Covid. Whether in person or online, we need yoga more than ever. Come join us.
New to XL-Yoga? Try a class for free!
If you are new to XL-Yoga, and not ready to register without trying a class first, try a class for free. Please email jillxlyoga@gmail to let me know which class you want to try and when.
You CAN Do Yoga - ONLINE
Poses in this class will be done in a chair, standing and on the floor. Especially good for those with wrist or knee issues. We'll make yoga accessible for you.​
Sundays 9-10am PST
September 26 - November 14 - 8 sessions/$96
Online with Zoom or Facebook Live                 
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Restorative  XL-Yoga - ONLINE 
After your first day of a new week, why not take some time for yourself in a yoga class with poses all on the floor and a minimum of 5 minutes spent in the pose. We'll use yoga props and improvised props from home (blankets, pillows, cushions) to get you set up in such a comfortable way that you can relax into the pose and increase your stretch and flexibility. Escape from your everyday life, find an hour alone, dim the lights, light a candle and we'll do some restorative yoga. Your week will be better.
Mondays 7-8pm PST
October 4 - November 22 8 sessions/$96              
Book Online using Paypal or e-transfer through your bank to
Beyond Beginner XL-Yoga - IN PERSON!
A class for those with some experience doing yoga. You are familiar with basic standing and seated poses and are able to move to the floor and get back up again. We will build some heat in the body with a flow of movement or Sun Salutations.
Tuesdays 630 - 730pm PST
October 5 - November 23 - 8 sessions/$96
Book Online by e-transfer through your bank to or use Paypal
Yoga for All XL-Yoga - IN PERSON 
The benefits of yoga – increased balance, flexibility, stamina, and relaxation are wonderful for everybody. We’ll make the poses work for all bodies using modifications and props (bolsters, blankets, and straps). Whether you have never done yoga, or played with it a bit years ago, this class is for you.
Thursdays 7-8pm PST
September 23 - November 18 - 8 sessions (no class November 11)
Call Burnside Gorge Community Centre to register - 250-388-5251
Gentle XL-Yoga - ONLINE

This morning class offers variety and a nice relaxing pace. We'll use a chair and the wall to make yoga accessible for everyone as well as standing and seated postures. Gentle movement for the middle of the week that will complement another class you are taking or start you on your yoga journey.

Fridays 9 - 10am PST
October 1 - November 19  8 sessions/$96
Classes offered online through Zoom and Facebook Live and our private group page
Book Online e-transfer through your bank to or use Paypal 
XL-Yoga Pass - Have it all! - ONLINE
Attend any class, anytime. Less than the cost of registering for 2 classes per week.
No need to register, just purchase the pass and you'll get an email invite to all the classes. 
September 23 through November 26
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