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Yoga for Your Body


Your Yoga Journey

Have you considered a yoga class but thought you'd be taught by a thin instructor who doesn't understand what to do with a belly?


Or do you think that you'd be intimidated by others in your class who knew exactly how to strike a yoga pose and wrap themselves in a pretzel position without even breaking a sweat?


Have you tried yoga videos at home and aren’t keeping at it or folding laundry while you watch that yoga video? Do you need a regular weekly class to make your practice more consistent?


Yoga Your Way

Yoga is a practice that is available for every body. And I am here to guide you in making yoga right for you.


Yoga is more than the hour you spend on the mat. Yoga will bring you less stress, more balance, more strength, and more flexibility. You will move towards body acceptance. Over time, you will notice positive changes in your daily life.

A New Yoga Experience Made for You

I've been there as a yoga student, standing by and watching as the instructor and a few keen participants did handstands and put their feet behind their heads. That's not my yoga.


An XL-Yoga class is welcoming, light-hearted, supportive, non-judgmental and fun. My classes aren't silent and serious. We meditate at the start of class and enjoy a silent savasana (corpse pose) at the end of class but in between, we laugh and groan and have fun moving our bodies.


With props (belts, blocks, bolsters, blankets) you can work with your body instead of against it. Classes that include standing and coming down to the floor are structured to make that transition with ease and maybe even with grace. Some classes are chair based without having to get down to the floor and back up again. We'll make it work for your body. We'll find that place between comfort and discomfort, a place of challenge without disappointment. 


Small classes mean individual attention to make the poses work for your body and we build a sense of community and camaraderie in class.


If you’ve never done yoga, or you haven’t found the right class for you, join us in XL-Yoga.

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