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Back to School-Back to Yoga-Back and some in-person classes

Well it's been a heck of a summer for everyone, opening up our bubbles, hot, dry summer, and new troubles in the world. I had a summer focusing on recovery from surgery and falling into a pattern of slowness, limited social life and realizing the importance of the support of friends in my life.

Yoga for All

I am "feeling my age" at the moment. Health issues, aches and pains, groans and moans can make anyone of any age feel more vulnerable and less capable. But I know that yoga always helps; as much as I avoid it, I always feel better after yoga.

Remember that our XL-Yoga classes are for all. You can come with chronic health issues, middle-aged complaints and physical limitations. Please reach out if you have any issues that you feel might prohibit or limit you from doing yoga. Send an me email. Let's have a chat online before a class series begins or grab me to talk after a Zoom class or an in-person class. I believe that yoga can not only make you feel better but help to change your life.

It's Your Yoga Class

For everyone, please remember that in our XL-Yoga classes, you can stay in a pose longer than others, you can do a pose with less intensity, you can opt to lie on the floor for half the class or all of the class. Yoga is more than movement. Just coming to your mat can settle your nervous system. It tells your body that it's time to slow down. It's time for you. It's time to breathe with focus. Each time that you come to your mat, you are different. Your mood, your body, your day, all affect your class. Each class cannot be the same for you because each day is not the same for you. Above all, be gentle with yourself in yoga. It's not a competitive sport, not with others and not with yourself.

September Start Back

So September, my favourite month. Besides being my birthday month, it appeals to the organizational tendencies of the Virgo - make plans, get organized, sharpen your pencils.

XL-Yoga starts back in full in September.


The schedule will stay the same with classes, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Friday unless I get requests for a different type of class or the in-person classes get full.

Speaking of in-person classes, Tuesday and Thursday will be back to their usual locations. Tuesday will be at the dRAW heART space on Cook Street at View. Thursday will be back at Burnside Gorge Community Centre.

Sunday, Monday and Friday will remain on Zoom. Because of the nature of each of these classes, it seems best. Sunday morning you can roll out of bed for yoga. Monday night you can roll into bed after yoga. Friday you can start your day with yoga.

Come to. . . , Come back. . .

If you haven't been to an XL-Yoga class before, try it out. You are welcome to try your first class for free. Just drop me an email with a request and which class you would like to try either online or in-person.

If you have been to classes in the past, come back, we miss you. Whether it's for a freebie refresher or a series of classes, yoga is always there for you as are XL-Yoga classes.

Some of you might remember this song or heard it on your parents' record player.

See you in September!


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