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New Year

New Year

No resolutions, no drastic changes to my life. I need a re-dedication to yoga, not just a daily practise but more time for sleep, meditation, self-care and truly embracing my life as a yoga teacher.

It's more than teaching basket weaving, not just for my students but also for me. The phrase practise what you preach comes to mind. If I am telling each of you how wonderful and transformative yoga can be for your lives, I must embrace it myself fully and not just dabble in for an hour as if I was teaching basket weaving.

What does this mean to you as a student in my class? I'd like to to re-dedicate yourselves to a weekly yoga practise with me and maybe expand it out, if not to a home practice, maybe to 5 minutes of sitting and breathing each morning keeping your focus on your breath or perhaps a 15 minute walk where you feel the wind, notice the leaves and colours in the sky and trees.

Yoga for me is more than movement. It's a sense of peace with myself, with others and with the world around me. Embrace it all and come back to the mat with me.

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