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Jill Moran

My first experience with a yoga class was in Vancouver in the mid 1980s. The instructor was a larger woman and although yoga for larger bodies was not even considered a speciaity at that time, the instructor adapted poses for her body and instructed for ‘every body’.

I attended classes for regular bodies and even went to a yoga retreat full of Type A athletic people where we practised an intense, active, sweaty flow yoga twice a day. I don't know how I made it through. I wasn't deterred and wanted to become a yoga teacher to work with people like me in a supportive, fun, welcoming, non-judgmental, body neutral environment.

in 2012, I trained in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program offered through YogaWorks, led by Catherine Munro of The Asana Room in Courtenay BC.​ I have also done my specialty training with Dianne Bondy (Yoga For All) and Tiina Veer (Yoga for Round Bodies).

I am more laid-back than driven, more into taking naps than running laps. I have a desire to be creative and a cupboard of fabric and supplies to prove it but don't manage to make the time for something that brings me such joy. I have to work on that one.

Besides yoga I work at Bodacious, a clothing store for larger women. I believe that we need to live our best lives regardless of the size of our bodies and I enjoy supporting women in an effort to do that. 

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