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a 22 day self-acceptance & yoga experience

The sessions include discussions, a 1/2  to 1 hour yoga practice, activities and reflection. "Home work" includes brief readings and a short home-based daily yoga practice. 

This program is created by Anna Guest-Jelley, creator of Curvy Yoga, and Rosie Molinary, author of Beautiful You - a daily guide to radical self-acceptance. This is the book that we use during the course.

No previous yoga experience is required.

Cost: $129 which includes the book Beautiful You - a daily guide to radical self-acceptance

You are worthy

You are always enough

There is no workshop series scheduled at this time.

Please email to

pre-register or submit any questions. 

Yoga and Vison Board Creation

I've created vision boards for years to get clear about the next job I wanted, the next place I wanted to live, or a relationship that I was looking for in my life. It's a collage of images and words  that represent how you want to feel and what direction you want to take to manifest that goal.

The focus of attention on the vision board helps to make things clear and also get them out of the way. You can look at your vision board daily for inspiration or you can pack it away. It's the doing, the visualizing that's the important part. I've pulled out old vision boards that I have created and realized that many of the things that I put on paper, happened in my life.

There is no workshop scheduled at this time but email if you'd like to be on the waitlist for the next session.

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