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I look forward to your XL Yoga class on Sunday mornings.  Since the class is on via zoom, I can enjoy and relax from the ease of my home, no driving to a location, wear what I want, and not even comb my hair J With my previous health concerns, I like that we use a chair for some exercises as this helps with my limitations. XL Yoga provides the exact amount of movement, stretching and breathing exercises for me to ground myself.  Thank you Jill for this inclusive XL yoga class where everyone is welcome.



Online Class Testimonial

I had been coming to XL-Yoga for about a year. At first, I actually travelled a great distance just to be in this group. And then the pandemic hit. We were a strong community and we did yoga. So we had to figure something out. I give full credit to Jill for doing just that. I love doing yoga on Zoom. I have expanded my practice from one class a week to three. Three times a week, I convert my small spare room into a yoga studio. The space required is seriously not much. A yoga mat with a bit of room around it, an internet connection, and a few props depending on the class. Even on those days when I am sure I would not have travelled to get to a class, I just show up knowing that I won't regret it. And I never have. It is a way to keep moving, to improve my agility and mobility through yoga, and to stay connected with a very supportive community. It has kept me sane. Give it a try; I'm sure you won't regret it.


Before I started your class, I had been living with chronic work stress and anxiety. . . . Once in classes, I built confidence, friendships, fun, play, strength and resilience. I really love how our classes feel like little families. You have brought the joy of yoga to many and provided a safe place for your students to come and feel like they fit in. You've also kept it lighthearted and fun and built a community.


I can’t be without this woman. She fills you up, shows love and compassion to all, is supportive, is hilarious, and.... is real... oh! And the best! I’m not going to lie - I talk to her in my head when she’s no where to be seen!!
If you are thinking you might want to try yoga but have never / feel you can’t / wouldn’t be comfortable... come. It’s what Jill says to me... just come. She will help change your view... of you. Of you and all you can do.
And... she will hand you a community of others, just waiting to accept you!


Jill's XL yoga classes are the best. I am new-ish to yoga after being away from the practice for many years. Jill is patient and encouraging and the entire experience of taking her class is so positively affirming. There is no body shaming, no negative talk. I feel so good about myself, body and soul, after taking her class. Taking Jill's XL yoga class is truly an act of self-care. Thank you Jill!



The welcoming atmosphere of Jill's class builds inner self confidence. Simply, having the feeling of acceptance, of having a "fuller figure," is incredibly liberating.  The atmosphere Jill creates has enabled me to explore and discover far more in my yoga practice than ever before.  I can hardly wait to get back to class in the Fall!


I have been practicing yoga for several years, at different stages of fitness, throughout a range of body sizes, and with a variety of instructors, but I have never enjoyed yoga as much as I do with Jill. When I first went to Jill's XL Yoga class, I was the heaviest I had ever been, and very uncomfortable with and in my body. I was very nervous, because I had only ever been in inaccessible and judgmental yoga spaces. Jill put me at ease from the very start. She was very approachable, kind, and patient. Jill fostered a safe space that was conducive to learning and made asking for help less intimidating.  She clearly instructed me on a variety of props, which finally enabled me to do all poses, and fully reap the benefits of each one. I was inspired, and eager to come to more and more classes. I got stronger, more flexible, and developed greater balance. I became more confident in class, and this transferred to other aspects in my life. I will always be grateful to Jill for this.


So today I decided to do something totally out of my comfort zone. I went and did yoga. But not just any yoga.

I’ve gone to yoga before and have been treated so poorly. Yes, I am bigger than the average yogi, but I was still there, putting every ounce of effort in. If there was a move I struggled with, instead of being helped, or given an alternative, I was met with rolled eyes, sighs, scoffs, you name it. Yes, I’m bigger, but I’m there, trying, participating, trying to make myself a better person and be active. Needless to say, I realized yoga was “exclusive” to the fit, and that I should just give up on something I enjoy. And I did.

But tonight, I went to an XL yoga class, and it was INCREDIBLE. I felt amazing, I felt like I belonged, and I had a blast. My body feels better than it has in months. Most importantly, I feel genuinely happy for the first time in what feels like forever. For that, I am so thankful.

I highly recommend anyone who has struggled with yoga due to their size give it a shot. If nothing more, just to be in an environment with people who care about your feelings and success.










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