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New Year - Same Fabulous You!

I'm excited by the social media positive outlook on New Year's Eve. Changing your habits on January 1 makes no sense, in fact it doesn't make much sense anytime of the year. After indulging in food and booze and hopefully a bit of laziness over the last few weeks and at the darkest grayest time of the year "they" tell us it's time to become a better human - revolutionize out lives with diets, exercise plans and extreme denial. It makes no sense!

Sure New Year's is a good time to reflect and see where you've been and where you are going, to set goals and intentions but not beat yourself up about how you live your life everyday.

You are already fabulous.

Amber Karnes of Body Positive Yoga is beginning a 7 day Body Positive Rebellion. I've joined and a friend in Ottawa has started a Facebook group to share our experiences. I'll start one on the XL-Yoga Facebook page as well. It's a short commitment, it's FREE, it's an opportunity to "explore making peace with our bodies, subverting the patriarchy, and living out loud." No sit-ups, no celery, no punishment, no denial.

Come join us at

Happy New Year! Here's to a wonderful 365 days of appreciating the wonder of your body moving on the earth, giving hugs, eating wonderful food, and doing yoga.

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