Trial Run for Newbies or More Yoga at Home?

If you are intimidated at the thought of coming to an XL-Yoga class, try not to be. Our classes are relaxed and fun, no one worries about how they look while practising or

compares outfits (unless we want to get a pair of leggings like those another XL-Yoga is wearing in class).

If you have any thoughts that you can't do yoga in your body or notions that only small people do yoga and put their ankles behind their knees, check out these people. They either do yoga in larger bodies or do yoga in a non-acrobatic manner.

Amber Karnes - Body Positive Yoga - https://bodypositiveyoga. - Amber has some free videos online and a paid service. She lives in a large body and therefore is a terrific adapter of poses and is frank and realistic about how to make the work for you.